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Welcome to Fidelity Health Care!

Chiropractic  •  Auto Accident Care  •  Cold Laser Therapy

Photo of Our doctor and his family

What to Expect at Our State-of-the-Art Clinic

Fidelity Health Care offers you a warm, welcoming environment full of positive energy from our smiling, friendly team.

Our relaxing practice is more like a spa, with candles burning or aromatherapy and soft music playing.

We invite you to relax in one of our head-to-toe massage chairs before seeing Dr. Taylor to begin your visit.

Voted Best Chiropractor in Atlanta

Pictures of Muhammad Ali are hung on our walls because Dr. Taylor is continually striving to be the greatest in the chiropractic profession.

He loves nothing more than helping patients see amazing results from their treatments at Fidelity Health Care.

Getting Started With Care

To prepare for your visit, we ask that you wear loose clothing and avoid wearing a skirt. Our front office staff will greet you when you walk in, then sit down with you and help you fill out your paperwork.

Dr. Taylor will meet you to get started on a thorough examination. If X-rays or MRIs are needed, we partner with local facilities to have them taken. You’ll receive any needed physiological therapeutics and treatment from Dr. Taylor.

Please plan on spending 30-45 minutes at our office for this comprehensive visit.

Staying in Alignment

The frequency of your visits will depend on your particular situation. You might see us once a week or twice a week initially to recover your health.

You can think of chiropractic visits like maintenance visits for your car. We have to get it aligned due to wear and tear. It’s the same with your body: as it starts to wear down, you’ll feel that your health isn’t as good as it used to be.

You might not feel fully aligned, and you need to have a mechanic of the body help put everything back in place. Dr. Taylor can do just that!

Don’t Wait – Begin Your Health Journey Today!

Our friendly team is here to serve you, and provide relief from your pain. Reach out to Fidelity Health Care at (404) 815-1505.